2020 by Saint Lawrence Gridiron

Update - 3/28/2020

Thanks so much for all the support this week!


We feel really good about being able to keep Y'all well fed and still stay in the guidelines in place to keep us all safe.

-We will always continue with the mindset of sanitation and safety first.


-Offer curbside pickup only.  Please call 208-433-5598 during business hours.  

-Please see pics for our new CURBSIDE MENU compiled of all the favorites and a few additions that make sense for take away orders.  This will be our only menu during curbside time.


-Hours will be Monday to Sat 11-8 during curbside time.  Sun 3/29 we will be open 4-8pm.


-All curbside orders are still 30% off, taken at the time of payment.  You will see this on your receipt.


-In addition, we also have wine and pop top cocktails available to add to your curbside order for 30% off as well!  Don't be shy!

And don't forget!  Gift cards are still 10% off!  You can use these long after this has passed, and it will help SUPPORT OUR AMAZING STAFF during this time!  You don’t even need to leave the house, you can call in and get it over the phone.  We will hold it for you to pick up or use when you are ready. For each equivalent of $50, we will also include two drink tickets!

Thanks so much for all the support.  We look forward to keeping you well fed and safe!


Fine print – The offers above are available for a limited time.  That time will be announced when appropriate.